Video: Amazing Truck Driving Skills

These truckers have some serious driving skills. Want to see if you can get to the level of these amazing drivers? Apply now to get your CDL with Progressive Truck Driving School.

Seriously Skilled Truck Driver

Check out the turning skills by this truck driver! Are you interested in earning your CDL and seeing if you can make this turn? Apply to Progressive Truck Driving School.

Progressive Truck Driving School Reviews

Watch video reviews from Progressive Truck Driving School graduates

Founded in 1974, Progressive Truck Driving School, Inc. has grown to become one of the Chicago area’s premier truck driving schools. Progressive Truck Driving School offers training for CDL Truck Drivers Class A, Class B, and Passenger. Courses are a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on training. Interested in becoming a student? Apply here.


Video: Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience Concept Truck

Check out this video of the new Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience Concept Truck!

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Kids Truck Videos

We found this cool YouTube channel for kids who are interested in trucking! Future CDL students of Progressive Truck School we hope!

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Video: Awesome Trucks

Check out some seriously amazing trucks and some really unique paint-jobs.  The background music isn’t too bad either.

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