Success Stories


Graduates over the past 4 decades years.

“The kept me on schedule so I could graduate on time…. Their main thing was jobs, jobs, jobs. They helped me focus on what was important, getting that job.”

Vincent Daniel

“The big difference is job placement… Progressive was involved and helped me land the job I wanted.”

Michael Baez

“I talked to several friends that went to the school that are driving now… they sold me on the school and they were right- I loved it!”

Ryszard Abucewicz

“The people are great. The staff was helpful and friendly and the job placement help was the best.”

Nashaat Abufannun

“The staff was insightful and worked hard to make sure I passed my CDL exam and to help me find work. Each instructor offers their own unique experience to make learning easy. All at a low price too. I’d recommend this school for anyone looking to enter the trucking industry.”

Steven Barendregt

“Getting a job was the most important thing for me… I thought they went all the way to help me get a job I wanted. They worked with me, and while I had a few things in my background, I got a job I wanted.”

Thomas Edwards

“The most important thing is, what kind of job are you going to get? I know they had the contacts I needed to get that job; even after I left school, I know I can call Progressive and use their help in finding a job down the road.”

Mary Fenner

“Choosing Progressive was the best choice. They prepared me for the trucking world and gave me an opportunity to take my job prospects from bleak to a sure thing making great money. The study materials were informative beyond expectations.”

Hashim Hall

“Great school. It was a thorough experience at Progressive and I have more knowledge. I’m ready to start my new job in a week.”

Danielle Lambert

“I would highly recommend this school. They taught me what I needed to be safe and pass the test. 5 weeks later I’m doing a job I love and making money and loving life.”

Rodolfo Madera