Why Progressive Truck School?

Founded in 1974, Progressive Truck Driving School, Inc. has grown to become one of the Chicago area’s premier truck driving schools. Our highly qualified instructors produce professionally trained, well-qualified drivers. It is these qualified drivers who are in demand and who we believe will reach the highest paid positions with the best companies.

Since 1974, Progressive Truck Driving School, Inc. has graduated over 50,000 successful students and maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

We are the only school in the Chicago area that is affiliated with these organizations:

  • CVTA-Commercial Vehicle Training Association
  • CDTFI-Commercial Driver Training Foundation
  • WIT-Women in Trucking
  • Our professional instructors have the proper background, education, state credentials, training and experience to deliver the best training possible.
  • Instructors complete a specialized training program on how to teach and prepare new drivers for their safe futures, to ensure this, our instructors must participate in a continuous education program provided by the CVTA.
  • We provide various types of trucks so that students have the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge through familiarity with equipment used in today’s trucking industry.

Progressive Truck Driving School, Inc. evolved as a result of high demand for truck drivers nationally. The trucking industry supports high safety standards, and better safety requires extensive training by well-qualified teachers.

Our mission at Progressive Truck Driving School Inc., is to provide the new driver with the highest level of individualized training to master the skills needed to succeed in a new career.