Niles Truck Driving School

Created in 1974, Progressive Truck Driving School has come about as the leading truck driving school located in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area.  We have had the capacity to assist just over 49,000 students to be able to graduate from our truck driving school program.  We are proud to say that we are known by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.  The fact is the Progressive Truck Driving School is really the only school of the kind that is definitely related with the following companies:

  1. CVTA – Commercial Vehicle Training Association;
  2. CDTFI – Commercial Driver Training Foundation;
  3. WIT – Women in Trucking.

We improved as the consequence of the strong need for truck drivers all across the country.  The trucking industry is going through a driver general shortage of greater than 400,000 drivers these days.  It’s not much of a shock that a great number of probable students from Niles have visited our school to enroll into our truck driving school to obtain their CDL license!

Niles CDL License

Niles, Illinois has just about 30,000 residents and is located in Cook County about 14 miles northwest of the Chicago Loop.  The men and women who reside in Niles do possess a total knowledge related to what an expert tractor-trailer driver career is all about basically because it can considerably offer more positive aspects economically with additional job stability compared to other professions.  Signing up for Progressive Truck Driving School and learning about driving a truck can be the very beginning of your fantastic and uplifting occupation.  Progressive Truck Driving School should have a number of job alternatives commonly accessible for the Niles students when they later graduate.  The moment you will be a professional truck driver, there are actually some other career alternatives offered like becoming a proficient manager, dispatcher, or even a skilled trainer/instructor.  The tractor-trailer driving courses with Progressive Truck Driving School do entail on the job training and classroom studying, too.  This assortment of truck driving training programs will guide our students with getting more very much accustomed to pretty much all facets of tractor-trailer tactics and all of their other options.  In addition, our Niles graduates will be the most geared up to be capable of taking on all forms of hurdles by offering them the necessary assurance to make certain they will be a profitable driver.  What’s more, the classes supplied at Progressive Truck Driving School are primarily designed to better enable our students with their very active regular schedules.  Although you might think about a doable career change and come to feel you want a part time schedule, or if need your truck driving training accomplished appreciably faster to have the option to get right into your chosen profession, you will be in a position to do it!

Niles Truck Driving School

Acquiring an advantageous professional truck driving profession causes it to be possible for our graduates from Niles to get everything that is needed.  Progressive Truck Driving School’s truck driving school program remains able to proficiently assist Niles and the surrounding areas for roughly 39 years with overall brilliance.  Aside of all that, the Progressive Truck Driving School’s CDL training programs will without a doubt make use of classroom teachings and genuine hands-on training.  Safety is frequently the primary topic of Progressive Truck Driving Schools!  It’s absolutely important that every single safety feature is met regularly, and that will all begin with the driver.  Most thoroughly that Progressive Truck Driving School regularly at the very least fulfills or even exceeds the normal standards needed for the Illinois Secretary of State.  To determine many more details pertaining to our CDL training and the easiest way to get your CDL license, just give to us a fast call at Progressive Truck Driving School: (773) 736-5522, right now!