Industry Outlook

  • The trucking industry expects a driver shortage of 580, 600 drivers in the next three years, as stated by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. This doesn’t incorporate an aging workforce and driver turnover. New hires will be in great demand.
  • 80% of all transportation goods are moved by truck drivers. As the economy continues to improve, the requirement to move more freight will become critical.
  • Driver wages are increasing and trucking companies are offering more and better benefits to attract and keep good drivers.
  • The transportation industry is among one of the largest industries in the United States.  It is the second largest employer in America, second only to agriculture.
  • Improvements in equipment have greatly reduced the need for truck drivers to be “big and strong” in order to operate a heavy truck.  The industry needs bright, energetic, and professionally trained men and women who have developed a strong desire to succeed.
  • A career as a professional tractor-trailer driver can offer security and financial rewards to those men and women who have the skills and desire to be successful.

Learning how to drive a truck can be the beginning of a promising and exciting career.  The truck driving industry has many job opportunities: you may become a professional truck driver, dispatcher, or manager, enter into the field of logistics, or become an instructor and have the chance to train future truck drivers.  The prospects for a prosperous and bright career in professional truck driving have never been better!

If you are at least 21-years-old, have a good driving record, and can pass the DOT requirements, we can help you become an over-the-road driver.  Join us as a student and experience for yourself the satisfaction of learning what it takes to keep America on the move.