Glenview Truck Driving School

Progressive Truck Driving School has come forth to be the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area’s leading truck driving school since starting back in 1974.  Greater than 49,000 studious students have been able to graduate from the truck driving school program.  With getting an A+ rating given by the Better Business Bureau, it shows how legitimate we happen to be.  On top of that, you will come across Progressive Truck Driving School being the only school observed to have links with the following organizations:

  1. CVTA – Commercial Vehicle Training Association;
  2. CDTFI – Commercial Driver Training Foundation;
  3. WIT – Women in Trucking.

We have evolved over time because of the strong need for truck drivers all throughout the country.  The trucking industry is undergoing a driver rarity of at least 400,000 drivers at this time.  It’s completely logical why there are numerous amounts of probable students from Glenview that have come to us to enroll into our truck driving school, so they will get their CDL license soon!

Glenview CDL License

Glenview, Illinois has nearly 45,000 residents and is located in Cook County about 18 miles northwest of the Chicago Loop.  The citizens of Glenview have a complete understanding that a professional tractor-trailer driver is a specialized career that can present them with extra financial rewards and more job security than other professions.  Registering to Progressive Truck Driving School and finding out how you can drive a truck can be the very start of an encouraging and revitalizing career.  Progressive Truck Driving School will have several job opportunities available for our Glenview students, in combination with becoming a professional truck driver, there are opportunities for dispatchers, managers, and trainer/instructor, too.   Progressive Truck Driving School’s programs for tractor-trailer driving entail both classroom teaching and also hands-on training.  These various truck driving training programs will familiarize our students with everything they need to know about tractor-trailer systems and their components.  Further more, we will be sure that our Glenview graduates are equipped to handle all the challenges they may face by giving them more confidence so they have a greater chance at succeeding at the greatest level as a driver.  Also, the Progressive Truck Driving School’s classes are intended to be accommodating to our students’ very busy schedules.  Whether you are thinking of a career adjustment and desire to have a part-time schedule, or if you would like to finish off your truck driving training much faster to be able to jump into your new profession that is your choice!

Glenview Truck Driving School

A money-making career as a professional truck driver presents our Glenview graduates with just what they would choose to have.  For over 39 years, the truck driving school program over at Progressive Truck Driving School has been serving Glenview with excellence.  Adding to that, Progressive Truck Driving School’s CDL training programs do mix both classroom teaching and hands-on instruction.  Progressive Truck Driving School’s topmost priority is always safety!  It is totally critical that every safety feature is met, and that does originate with the driver.   Most drastically, Progressive Truck Driving School always meets or goes beyond the required standards from the Secretary of State of Illinois.  To learn more our CDL training also you can earn a CDL license; just give Progressive Truck Driving School a call at: (773) 736-5522, right now!