Franklin Park Truck Driving School

Established in 1974, Progressive Truck Driving School has appeared as the major truck driving school found in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area.  We have been able to assist well over 49,000 students graduate from our truck driving school program.  You will find we are recognized by the Better Business Bureau as having an A+ rating.  Actually, the Progressive Truck Driving School is the only real school of its type which is associated with the subsequent organizations:

  1. CVTA – Commercial Vehicle Training Association;
  2. CDTFI – Commercial Driver Training Foundation;
  3. WIT – Women in Trucking.

We progressed as the outcome of the direct requirement for truck drivers nationwide.  The trucking industry is suffering from a driver deficiency of over 400,000 drivers.  It’s no surprise that a lot of prospective students from Franklin Park have visited us to register for our premier truck driving school so they can get their CDL license!

Franklin Park CDL License

Franklin Park, Illinois has just over 18,000 residents and is found in Cook County about 19 miles northwest of the Chicago Loop.  The specific individuals located in Franklin Park have a full awareness related to exactly what a skilled tractor-trailer driver career is all about since it can give far more benefits economically with extra job protection compared to other professions.  Enrolling with Progressive Truck Driving School and mastering driving a truck can be quite stimulating and also beneficial.  Progressive Truck Driving School will have several employment opportunities conveniently obtainable for the Franklin Park students following when they graduate.  Once a professional truck driver, there are actually other career choices like being a dispatcher, competent manager, or an excellent trainer/instructor.  Progressive Truck Driving School’s courses for tractor-trailer driving require hands-on training and classroom time.  These varied truck driving training programs will assist our students with getting exposed to each and every portion of being comfortable with the tractor-trailer methods and all of their features.  Added to that, our Franklin Park graduates will be the most equipped to take on all kinds of challenges by giving them the self-confidence needed to be able to be a prosperous driver.  Moreover, the classes available at Progressive Truck Driving School are primarily meant to assist our students’ very busy day-to-day schedules.  Even if you are asking yourself about a possible career modification and feel you need a schedule that is more part-time, or if want your truck driving training done tremendously faster in an attempt to get right into your desired profession, you can do it!

Franklin Park Truck Driving School

Our graduates from Franklin Park can receive a priceless professional truck driving career and find a way to get everything necessary to go alongside with it.  Progressive Truck Driving School’s truck driving school program continues to be able to support a high number of Franklin Park students for total success for over 39 years.  Undeniably, the Progressive Truck Driving School’s CDL training courses will consume class room educating and a great deal of hands-on training.  Most important, safety is on the very top of the checklist at Progressive Truck Driving School!  It’s totally significant that each day all safety tactics are taken care of, and that will all start from the driver. It is quite important that Progressive Truck Driving School at the very least is in accordance with or even goes above the standards to satisfy the Illinois Secretary of State.  To hear more about our CDL training options or the less complicated way for obtaining your CDL license, pick-up and call Progressive Truck Driving School today: (773) 736-5522.