Evanston Truck Driving School

Founded in 1974, Progressive Truck Driving School has emerged as the foremost truck driving school in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area.  We have graduated over 49,000 students from our truck driving school program and we are recognized by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.   In fact, the Progressive Truck Driving School is the only school of its kind that is affiliated with the following organizations:

  1. CVTA – Commercial Vehicle Training Association;
  2. CDTFI – Commercial Driver Training Foundation;
  3. WIT – Women in Trucking.

We evolved as the result of the direct need for truck drivers nationally.  The trucking industry is experiencing a driver shortage of more than 400,000 drivers.  It’s no wonder that so many potential students from Evanston have come in to enroll for our truck driving school to get their CDL license!

Evanston CDL License

Evanston, Illinois has right around 75,000 residents and is located in Cook County about 12 miles north of the Chicago Loop.  Evanston men and women understand that a career as a professional tractor-trailer driver can provide them with job security and financial rewards.

Enrolling in Progressive Truck Driving School and learning how to drive a truck can be the start of a promising and stimulating career.  Progressive Truck Driving School has many job opportunities for Evanston students, in addition to becoming a professional truck driver, such as: dispatcher, manager and trainer/instructor.   Progressive Truck Driving School’s tractor-trailer driving programs involve both classroom instruction and hands-on training.  These truck driving training programs familiarize students with tractor-trailer systems and components.  Further, we make sure that our Evanston graduates are well prepared to tackle all the challenges they face with confidence so they might succeed at the highest level as a driver.  Progressive Truck Driving School’s classes are also designed to be flexible in order to accommodate our students’ schedules.  Whether you are considering a career change and prefer a part-time schedule or you want to complete your truck driving training quickly to get on with your new profession, the decision is up to is you!

Evanston Truck Driving School

A lucrative career as a professional truck driver gives our Evanston graduates what they are looking for.  The truck driving school program at Progressive Truck Driving School has been serving Evanston for 39 years with excellence.  Besides that, Progressive Truck Driving School’s CDL training programs combine both classroom instruction and hands-on training.   Safety is Progressive Truck Driving School’s topmost priority!  It is completely essential that all safety features are met, and that originates with the driver.   Most significantly, Progressive Truck Driving School meets or exceeds the standards required by the Secretary of State of Illinois.  To learn more about getting CDL training and earning a CDL license, call Progressive Truck Driving School at: (773) 736-5522, today!