Elk Grove Village Truck Driving School

If you are considering entering into a truck driving training program, the only name you need to know is Progressive Truck Driving School. We are highly regarded throughout the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Region as offering the premier truck driving school program.  We hire the most well-qualified truck driving instructors in the industry in order to turn out the finest, professionally-trained graduates of our truck driving school.  They are the qualified drivers who will go on to attain the highest paid positions with the foremost trucking companies.  It is no wonder that Progressive Truck Driving School is the first choice of so many students in the area.  With the transportation industry being the second largest employer to agriculture in the country, it’s not surprising that our truck driving training programs are seeing such an influx of students at Progressive Truck Driving School.  For nearly four decades, Progressive Truck Driving School has been serving students in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area.  In fact, we have graduated over 49,000 students since we opened our doors in1974.  Besides achieving an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, the Progressive Truck Driving School is the only truck driving training that is associated with the following organizations:

  1. CDTFI – Commercial Driver Training Foundation;
  2. CVTA – Commercial Vehicle Training Association;
  3. WIT – Women in Trucking.

Progressive Truck Driving School provides various kinds of trucks so that all Elk Grove Village students have the opportunity to become familiar with the equipment used in today’s trucking industry.


Elk Grove Village, Illinois has a population of around 33,000 residents and is located 18 miles from the Chicago Loop in both Cook and DuPage Counties.  Within Elk Grove Village, there are two unique, but united, communities – residential and business.  Recognized as a successful community and a leading Midwest industrial center, Elk Grove Village is recognized as one of the “Fifty Fabulous Places to Raise Your Family.”  Lately, numerous Elk Grove Village men and women have shown an interest in becoming students in the truck driving training program at Progressive Truck Driving School to earn a CDL license.  With the notable shortage of qualified truck drivers with CDL licenses, there is a significant demand for proficientElk Grove Village graduates from Progressive Truck Driving School!  With the recent need for skilled drivers, there has also been an increase in wages and benefits – all the more reason for Elk Grove Village residents to want to enroll in one of Progressive Truck Driving School’s popular truck driving training programs and earn a CDL license!  Furthermore, as a recent graduate from our program, you should see more opportunities for a promising career as a CDL licensed driver.

Elk Grove Village Truck Driving School

It makes perfect sense that so many Elk Grove Village residents are signing up for Progressive Truck Driving School’s truck driving training because of all the many job prospects opening up in truck driving.  Our capable instructors have the essential background and experience to impart the best training possible.  When students enroll in our courses they receive the finest classroom instruction and hands-on training.  Besides that, Progressive Truck Driving School’s instructors are dedicated to helping students reach their objectives, as well as learning the value of safety.  To find out how you can enroll in our well-liked driving training program, call Progressive Truck Driving School at: (773) 736-5522, today!